Our Mission

A. D. Envirotech’s Mission

ADE’s mission is to be a leading provider of environmental, geotechnical, occupational health and safety and laboratory services.

ADE is dedicated to helping our client’s business succeed, not only by providing quality service, but also by supporting their business interests. We recognise that our clients value responsiveness, quality and accountability. We constantly strive to increase quality, knowledge and efficiency while consistently exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Since 1997, we have been helping companies and businesses protect their work force, the environment and the public while meeting stringent regulatory guidelines and legislative requirements.

We work not only to solve problems that have occurred, but importantly, to provide proactive and technical recommendations to eliminate potential problems before they take place. Thus, we seek to innovatively respond to any challenges which arise in order to deliver optimal results. Whilst constantly pursuing the most cost-effective and sustainable technologies and methods, our work is professional and consistent with our certification to ISO 9001,17025,14001 and AS4801 standards.