Asbestos at Christmas Time

asbestos pure white“Asbestos at Christmas time?,” I hear you ask, “Really, what possible link could exist here?” While here in Australia a white Christmas is far from the reality of the dry heat, this has not stopped many individuals across time from trying to recreate the wintery effect through the creation of faux snowy scenes.

Asbestos As Faked Snow 

In 1928 a fire fighter wrote an article in which he suggested that asbestos could be used to make fake snow. Consequently, this prompted a spate of new products which sold artificial snow made from asbestos. Indeed it was a very simple concept – fake snow was just pure white asbestos fibres heaped up into large drifts or sprinkled liberally around.  These products were marketed under names such as, “White Magic,” “Pure White,” and “Snow Drift.”

ade blog postSuch was the convincing nature of this bright fake snow that it was used in several movie shoots. For example, in The Wizard of Oz (1939), while Dorothy and her friends are under a sleeping spell in the poppy field, snow is falling. Similarly, in Holiday Inn, as Bing Crosby is singing “White Christmas,” snowflakes are gently swirling. In both these cases, the ‘snow’ is in fact chrysotile asbestos fibres.

With the outbreak of World War II, artificial snow ceased to be made from asbestos as it was needed for military uses such as fireproofing in ships and planes.

Today, we are obviously far from the days of asbestos fake snow. However, this does not mean that wariness should be dispatched! If you receive any power tools as gifts this Christmas, take care as you use them within or on your home that you not disturb any asbestos fibres. To help remind people of this, the Cancer Council is encouraging people to add a gift tag to the present educating people about the facts. This can be downloaded from

And with that, all the staff at A.D. Envirotech wish you a safe and very Merry Christmas!


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