Asbestos Removal in Schools Announced

As part of his last-minute election campaign, Labor leader, and now Premier, Daniel Andrews, promised to fund a $100 million audit and asbestos removal program for schools across Victoria by the end of 2020.

This promise followed the release of a secret state government audit which revealed the widespread nature of asbestos within schools. Indeed, of the 368 audits of schools released, only 30 schools were found to be asbestos free. Consequently, some schools have had to be cordoned off and cleaned up immediately to remediate the risk. It is estimated that up to 1200 schools will need attention.

Initially, $50 million will be used to accelerate the removal and replacement of 250 portable classrooms while the remaining $50 million will be spent on restarting the government audit program and removing any asbestos that is a pressing risk to staff and students.

In response to criticism from the Coalition that this scheme has been under-costed, Labor has clarified that this first $100 million is a “down payment” with further works envisaged.

However, while the presence of asbestos in schools may be widespread at present, this is not necessarily cause to panic. Each school has an asbestos materials register, asbestos management plan and receives a three-monthly review to monitor the state of the asbestos. Training is also provided to key staff regarding the proper methodology for dealing with asbestos. This ensures that the asbestos risk is minimised prior to its removal.


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