Laboratory Analysis – Asbestos Testing

A. D. Envirotech Australia Pty Ltd is a recognised leader in asbestos testing, identification, management and removal and has its own NATA-accredited laboratory for:

  • Membrane Filter Method for Estimating Airborne Asbestos
  • Qualitative Identification of Asbestos, SMF and Organic bulk samples

Some of the key services that A. D. Envirotech is able to provide include:

Asbestos Testing / Asbestos Inspections

  • Detailed inspections involving risk assessment and sampling of suspect materials are carried out by our highly qualified, trained and appropriately licensed staff.  A high level of care is always taken to ensure that sampling is conducted in such a way as to leave minimal or no damage. These samples are subsequently submitted to our laboratory for asbestos testing to determine whether asbestos is present.
  • All asbestos testing and surveys are accompanied by a comprehensive report detailing the location, extent, type and condition of any asbestos found. These are able to be provided on urgent turnaround time when requested.
  • Based upon the findings of the asbestos inspection and asbestos testing results, recommendations are provided regarding appropriate asbestos management, control and remediation options. It is our goal to ensure that a solution is developed, in consultation with our client, which most suitably fits the specific needs of the site.
Asbestos Testing and Asbestos Inspection

Asbestos Testing/Asbestos Inspections


Occupational Hygienist Supervision

  • ADE offers 24 hours a day / 7 days a week supervision service by our highly qualified, trained and appropriately licensed staff for all asbestos removal works.
  • Supervision is conducted during the removal process to ensure that it is done safely and complies with all relevant legislation. In some cases, this has resulted in significantly reducing costs. Upon the completion of asbestos removal being thoroughly conducted, a clearance certificate is issued declaring the subject area to be asbestos free.

Asbestos Air Monitoring

  • A. D. Envirotech offers 24 hours a day / 7 days a week air monitoring service for all asbestos air monitoring purposes. For example, asbestos air monitoring is required whenever friable asbestos is being removed to ensure that all control measures in place are adequate and that the contamination is contained.
  • Our own in-house laboratory is NATA accredited for the analysis of asbestos air monitoring samples in accordance with the Membrane filter method for estimating airborne asbestos, which ensures rapid turnaround time on analysis of results.
Asbestos Testing

Laboratory Analysis – Asbestos Testing

Asbestos Fibre Identification

  • Our own in-house laboratory is NATA accredited for the analysis of bulk asbestos samples in accordance with the Membrane for qualitative identification of asbestos in bulk samples.
  • Given the sensitive nature of dealing with asbestos, we understand that clients often require swift turnaround time on results. As we do not need to outsource the analysis of samples, we are able to provide rapid turnaround time on the analysis of results.

Project Management

  • A. D. Envirotech provides the option of project managing the asbestos removal works, overseeing and organising everything from the initial survey to removal, remediation and management of the asbestos. This helps to eliminate the stress for the client and ensures that all aspects of the project are taken care of.
  • Our specialist Project Mangers have managed diverse small, medium and large scale remediation projects. These projects have spanned a range of backgrounds including corporate, government and individual issues.

Moreover, ADE maintains the highest standards of security when conducting asbestos testing and other environmental assessments. As such, all the details of any investigation which is undertaken are strictly confidential.

A. D. Envirotech’s own in-house laboratory is NATA accredited for asbestos testing for both bulk and air monitoring samples and is operational 24 hrs 7 days a week. Furthermore, it is equipped with the latest range of analytical instruments to ensure optimal results. This in-house laboratory service ensures that ADE is capable of responding to urgent situations, when required.

All of the asbestos laboratory work, asbestos testing and reporting are done in accordance with the:

  • AS4964 – 2004 Method for the qualitative identification of asbestos in bulk samples
  • Worksafe Australia Guidance Note on Membrane Filter Method for Estimating Airborne Asbestos Fibres 2nd Edition [NOHSC:3003(2005)].

The cost of asbestos analysis of bulk samples is $65 / sample (excl GST) for standard turnaround time. However, same day turnaround times are available, if required.

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