Asbestos Waste Levy Scrapped

The Minister for Environment for NSW, Robyn Parker, recently announced that the NSW government will be introducing the “Householders’ Asbestos Disposal Scheme” from 1 January 2014. During this 12 month trial, the waste levy on asbestos from home renovations will be scrapped and tipping fees will be reduced in participating council areas.

Key features of the scheme include:

  • The 12 month trial will be conducted in at least 10 local government areas. Based on the success of the pilot, this is set to be expanded.
  • The EPA is set to contribute $50 per tonne towards the cost of removing and transporting wrapped bonded asbestos disposed of as part of the scheme (friable asbestos is not eligible for the exemptions).
  • The levy will be waived to a maximum of 6500 tonnes over 12 months and the $50/tonne contribution towards the cost and removal of asbestos would also be capped at 6500 tonnes.
  • The scheme is open to residents removing small residential amounts of asbestos and licensed asbestos depositing larger amounts of asbestos on behalf of residents.

The introduction of the scheme has been widely welcomed as it is envisaged that these measures will help to reduce the large amounts of asbestos that is consistently illegally dumped each year by eliminating the financial advantage. It is also hoped that it will act as a catalyst for innovative approaches that encourage the proper disposal of asbestos.

While the Asbestos Disease Foundation of Australia has welcomed this policy, they are advocating for further reform of the asbestos waste disposal system. Specifically, they are calling for the introduction of permanent asbestos amnesty days across the country which would permit people to dispose of asbestos waste at tips and landfill sites at no cost.


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