Counting the Cost of Industrialisation

Since 1978, the world has looked on with wonder at the rapid economic growth and industrialisation of China. At present, GDP growth has averaged about 10% per year, making it the second largest economy worldwide.

While there have undoubtedly been many positive outcomes for the nation as they have swapped to a market based economy, such as bringing over 500 million people out of poverty, the rapid industrialisation has also not been without cost. According to a book published recently by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, “Soil Pollution and Physical Health,” one-sixth of China’s arable land suffers from soil pollution. The results were based on a study conducted over nearly 8 years, covering more than 6.2 million square kilometres.

The report explained that the main source of pollution is “human industrial and agricultural activities.” This can include activities such as factor waste dumping, irrigation of land by polluted water, poor use of pesticides and fertilisers, and improper livestock breeding practices.

Moreover, the study reported that inorganic material accounted for 82.8% of contamination of the polluted land. The most likely pollutants to be found were cadmium, nickel and arsenic. Of particular concern is the sharp rise of cadmium in the southwest and coastal areas (50% since studies in 1986 and 1990)2.

While Australia is not faced with a similar scale of environmental crisis to China, this does not meant that parts of our land have not been exposed to pollutants. If you have concerns about the quality of the soil which you are using – whether it be for agricultural or gardening purposes or just in your backyard – A.D. Envirotech has consultants who are able to analyse the composition of the soil and determine its health. This will then enable you to ensure that the land is used for appropriate activities.





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