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Environmental ConsultantsA.D. Envirotech is a vibrant and diverse workplace comprised of many skilled staff. Our environmental consultants and laboratory staff come from a range of backgrounds including environmental science, resource management, occupational hygiene, biology, chemistry, civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, geology, land and water science, geochemistry, and geography. These employees are spread over the following departments: environmental consultancy, occupational hygiene, geotechnical engineering, project management, laboratory staff and administrative support.

ADE is at an exciting point in the company’s life as it continues to grow exponentially. In the past two years alone, the company has more than doubled in size with over 30 employees now working for ADE, all of whom have been hired through a highly competitive selection process. This is a testament to the demand for the skills and professionalism which our consultants are able to offer with the growth generated by a necessity to keep up with the many requests for ADE services. ADE has been careful throughout this period of expansion that the attention to detail, flexibility and personal engagement that a boutique company can provide have not been lost as we have grown. This process of development is overseen by our two experienced directors, Allen Dobrovolsky and Ross Nefodov, who have over 25 years and 10 years of experience in the field accordingly.

Given the diverse backgrounds of our environmental consultants, this provides them with a great depth and breadth of experience and knowledge upon which they can draw. This is particularly helpful when it is considered that many of our clients’ projects are multi-disciplinary and can require occupational hygienist, environmental and geotechnical expertise simultaneously. Consequently, our staff work in close consultation with each other as well as the client to ensure that there is continuity and consistency throughout all aspects of the project. Moreover, as legislation and best practice methodology continues to evolve, ADE conducts continual training of all employees. Our on-going training program involves both regular in-house seminars and participation in relevant external short courses. Therefore, we are confident that we are able to deliver cutting-edge consultancy and laboratory techniques and results.

Furthermore, due to the type of projects which ADE has been involved in, our consultants have a breadth of experience in both small and large projects. As such, our consultants are at ease creating long-term strategies for ongoing complex projects. However, as a company who is also engaged with smaller scale contracts, we also are able to offer unique insights and details brought from more minor projects that may often be overlooked in large projects.  Additionally, at A.D. Envirotech, we pride ourselves upon our ability to specifically address any problems which our client may be experiencing. Not only is this reflected in our logo, “solutions through innovation,” but it is a core value that is keenly adopted by our environmental consultants. Indeed, they relish the opportunity to solve a problem efficiently and in a manner that will most suit our clients’ particular needs, considering aspects such as cost, site constraints, timeframe and materials available.

Our consultants can also be recommended based on the strength of their communication skills. As a result of dealing with multiple clients from a range of backgrounds ranging from large multi-million dollar corporations to private individuals, ADE consultants are adept at communicating in a range of circumstances. This includes successful bargaining, negotiating competing interests and managing stakeholders with conflicting points of view. Through a logical presentation of facts and persistence combined with the human element and empathy, our consultants consistently continue to deliver results.

Overall, our consultants are of the highest calibre and work flexibly to meet your needs. Please contact us if you would like to arrange a meeting with one of our environmental consultants to discuss the specific needs of your project.

Environmental Consultants

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