Little Love for the Environment in Latest Budget

On Tuesday 12th May, the Treasurer, Mr Joe Hockey, released this Government’s first budget. As predicted, a ‘tough budget’ was delivered in an attempt to bring the budget back to surplus. With the slashing of programs across the board, one of the areas which suffered significant cuts was the environmental sector.

Among the items which were cut were the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), the National Water Commission, Carbon Capture and Storage funding, Landcare funding, alternative fuel funding and a reduction in CSIRO funding.

While it is estimated that the axing of ARENA will save $1.3 billion in the short term, ARENA’s chief executive, explained that that money would have helped create a $7.7 billion suite of projects to further Australia’s solar, wave and geothermal technologies.

In their place, the Government has committed $2.5 billion towards over ten years towards an Emissions Reduction Fund which is to provide for its Direct Action Policy on climate change. Furthermore, the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF) has been reinstated and the Great Barrier Reef will receive an additional $40 million. Moreover, ‘the Green Army’ of young ecological restoration workers is also to be introduced.

Despite these measures, scientists report that these across the board cuts will be crippling and severely impact Australia’s trajectory in improving our climate and clean energy processes and have therefore touted such actions as a “step backwards for the nation.”

These fears have been echoed by Labor’s environment spokesman, Mark Butler stating, “Tony Abbott’s destruction of Australia’s environment protection system ruins any chance Australia has to prepare for the environmental challenges of the future. This budget takes the Abbott government’s assault on the environment and climate to a new level, and shows a disdain for science and research that threatens decades of investment and innovation.”

While debate continues at a national level as to the best way to promote a sustainable country, this does not stop individuals from committing to individual action which collectively, can help make a difference. A.D. Envirotech is committed to energy reduction and promoting environmental measures for sustainable living and has subsequently introduced a range of measures to help us achieve these goals.


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