Mr Fluffy – Far from Harmless

While the name, “Mr Fluffy,” may conjure up images of cute bunny rabbits, the reality of the ongoing impacts of this insulation company operating in Canberra is rather frightening.

During the 1960s and 70s, a Canberra based insulation company used loose-fill asbestos as part of its insulation program. This involved raw amosite and crysotile asbestos loose fibres being used to fill ceiling spaces throughout the ACT and surrounding NSW areas. It is believed that Mr Fluffy is the only company worldwide to have employed this method. Loose-fill is the most dangerous form of asbestos as the fibres are microscopic and easily inhalable.

Hysteria surrounding this matter has reached new heights this past week with revelations that two long-term residents of “Mr Fluffy homes” have been diagnosed with mesothelioma. Given that over 1,000 households within Canberra and the surrounds still have this insulation in use, panic levels are high.

The fear of the possible ramifications of living in one of these households has prompted one family to knock down their contaminated house in Woden at an estimated cost of $80,000. Other households have decided to move into temporary accommodation while they wait to see the recommendations of WorkSafe. The double threat of health concerns and financial security has understandably provoked a lot of disquiet within residents.

While the situation continues to unfold and the future is still uncertain for many residents, the ACT Government has established the ACT Asbestos Response Taskforce to help those affected by the situation. At the grassroots level, The Fluffy Owners and Residents’ Action Group, has also sprung up and seeks to find a solution for households at risk.

In addition to these two groups, A.D. Envirotech is able to offer our occupational hygiene and asbestos remedial services. ADE is comprised of a group of experienced hygienists who will be able to assess the extent of asbestos damage within your home and help provide advice and assistance in the remediation of this risk. ADE understands the distressing nature of this time for many households and will endeavour to provide practical advice and solutions where possible. Please contact us for further information regarding our services.

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