NSW Environment Protection Authority – Polluter Preventer or Protector?

The NSW Environment Protection Authority was established in February 2012 as the primary body to deal with environmental issues. The EPA works in partnership with Federal, State and local governments to provide environmental solutions across a wide range of environmental issues within NSW.

While the EPA is responsible for a range of environmental issues, amongst other things these include:

Moreover, in cases of pollution and environmental emergencies, the EPA responds to contain the pollution, protect the threatened environment, facilitate the clean-up and implement preventive procedures to avoid replicating the same disaster. Additionally, the EPA is responsible for the enforcement of environmental regulations. This is regulated through the distribution of environmental protection licences regarding potentially detrimental activities (e.g. pollution emissions, restricted material usage).

Given the nature of A.D. Envirotech’s work, we obviously pay close attention to the regulations and procedures as dictated by the EPA. Of particular note to ADE of late have been the recent changes to general exemptions for land application. As of 6 June 2014, 6 new or amended organic waste materials, namely raw mulch, pasteurised garden organics, compost, liquid food waste, solid food waste and organic outputs derived from mixed waste, can be land applied.

However, the EPA has recently come under examination following allegations of failed prosecutions, mismanagement and allegations of concealment. Consequently, a parliamentary enquiry is presently being launched to investigate the EPA’s track record. Luke Foley, the Opposition’s environmental spokesperson, has been particularly critical stating in a recent interview with the ABC, “On too many occasions now, the senior figures in the NSW EPA have acted perhaps as apologists for polluting industry, rather than as robust defenders of the community interest.”

While the EPA may be under the spotlight for negative reasons, ADE hopes that this incident will help draw further public attention to the important issue of environmental protection, encouraging vigilance and prompting further environmental action.


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