Tackling Mesothelioma Head On

In an Australian first, the Lung Foundation of Australia has launched a pilot asbestos nurse education program. As part of this program, nurses undertake a specifically designed 5 month course which is centred around educating nurses on how to provide better care for patients with asbestos related diseases, of which mesothelioma is the most prevalent.

The Lung Foundation of Australia decided that this was a strategic method to help address some of the specific challenges associated with diseases such as mesothelioma. This was considered particularly pertinent as it has been predicted that there will be up to an 80% increase in new mesothelioma diagnoses by 2020, with an estimated 25 000 people set to die during the next 40 years at its hands. Given these statistics and the fact that Australia has the highest per capita rate of mesothelioma, it would be assumed that appropriate asbestos related health care would exist. However, this is for the most part vastly lacking. Consequently, this program is seeking to redress this need.

At present, 10 nurses have recently completed the program. These nurses were selected from a range of backgrounds – public and private, rural, regional and Indigenous sectors – to ensure that the information can be widely disseminated. The goal is that these nurses shall now return to their respective workplaces and implement and train others in this field. Thus, the hope is that a ripple effect shall occur whereby proper asbestos health care is spread and enacted.

Once again, the very fact that Australia requires speciality asbestos nurses is indicative of the dangers of asbestos. Therefore, the importance of taking extreme care when dealing with asbestos cannot be overstated. If you’re not sure what you’re doing with asbestos, leave it alone – your health and your family will thank you.


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