The Hidden Dangers of DIY Home Renovations

Potential Dangers In Home Renovations

An article entitled “Asbestos Exposure during Home Renovation in New South Wales” was published on Monday in the Medical Journal of Australia. This report detailed the potential dangers that thousands of Australians were exposing themselves to if they did not follow proper protective measures during home renovations.

The questionnaire which was returned by 3612 individuals in New South Wales explored the exposure of respondents to asbestos as a result of DIY renovations. Of those who had recently completed a DIY renovation, 61% reported that they had been exposed to asbestos while 39.3% stated that their partner had also been exposed. However, given that 28.2% of respondents were unsure of whether their home even contained asbestos, these figures are likely to be even higher.  Of particular concern is the fact that only 12% of respondents always wore protective respiratory protection when handling asbestos, especially if this asbestos contained loose and therefore easily inhalable fibres.

Given the potential of exposure to asbestos resulting in multiple health conditions including the deadly mesothelioma, the report has prompted calls for increased education of the general public regarding the dangers of asbestos, particularly with regards to home renovations. As mesothelioma can develop up to 42 years following exposure, Australia is potentially looking down the barrel of a very long gun in dealing with the repercussions of asbestos exposure unless greater care and education are promoted. Thus, the bottom line remains: dealing with asbestos is not something that can be taken lightly – if you don’t know what you’re doing, it is well worth getting in professionals to ensure that the job is done correctly, thereby eliminating the chance of future health risks for you and your family.


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